01. 15 (Demo)
02. Anti-Gang (Demo)
03. Here We Are Pt. 2 (Demo)
04. Sweet Dreams (Demo) (Eurythmics Cover)
05. Vanity (Demo)
06. Happy (Demo)
07. Wicked Man (Demo)
08. 3DG (Early "Better Place")
09. Here We Are (Ideas Track)
10. Arabian Death Metal (Early "If I Am You And You Are Me")
11. Lady In Red (Demo)
12. Gray (Demo)
13. Sober (Studio Demo)
14. Precognition (Studio Demo)
15. HARM (Scrapped Idea)
16. Baritone (Scrapped Idea)
17. Highway Song
18. New Song Thingy (Scrapped Idea)
19. Slow Song (Scrapped Idea)
20. WGT... Artem and Murray (Feat. Rob Hinkal)
21. The Rotten (Live)
22. Nothing (Live) (Scrapped Song)
23. Happy (Live) (Feat. Heather Lloyd) (Alternate Version)
24. Need Another Needle (Live)
25. Sweet Dreams (Live) (Feat. Heather Lloyd) (Eurhythmics Cover)
26. If I Am You And You Are Me (Live)
Demos, ideas, chucked songs, and live tracks that have not been released until now. These make up a good bit of the early years of We're Going To Hell For This, and in contrast with the 2010 album, show how much the band has grown.