Let's Plays

Let's Plays are a series of videos where video playthroughs of video games are commentated on during play. This transforms the gameplay into an entertaining or educational video for others to enjoy. MSM has produced the redshojin plays youtube channel for the past 10 years, and continues to output videos on a regular schedule. Below is a listing of shows on the youtube channel, and which games have been played for each show.

Game thumbnails link to a space to watch each series. Follow the channel's social media to be alerted when new videos are released.

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redshojin plays
redshojin playsa
redshojin plays is a series of let's play videos where Shojin plays through single player games and records the content and his commentary in real time.
Co-Op is a series of let's play videos with co-host Superandrd (Ryan). Together, they try to tackle many games' (often flawed) co-operative campaigns to the best of their nonexistant abilities. Follow Superandrd's social media for more updates from him.
Love Play
Love Play is a series of let's play videos where Shojin is joined by his co-host and girlfriend Fen. Together they introduce each other to games from their past and share in the enjoyment and entertainment of nostalgia and new games. Follow Fen on social media for more updates from her.
Timesink is a series of let's plays for games that would be far too long to do in a traditonal video format, and thus are streamed live. Shoji, together with co-hosts Fen and Silver, tackle these long and arduous games together in an effort to finally get through them. Follow Silver on social media for more updates from him.
IRL is an acronym for "In Real Life", where shojin is joined by a co-host in person on the same couch to go through a game together. Co-hosts vary for each game in this series and will be listed on the series' page.